Lyudmila Mykolayivna ZAKREVSKA, Anatoly Aleksandrovych ZAYINCHKOVSKYY


Introduction. To practically ensure economic security it is necessary to promote activation of the investment process. This will lead to sustainable economic growth, achievement of real structural changes in the economy, technical retooling and modernization, improvement of quality indicators of economic activity and living standards. Therefore, there is a need to research investment security and determine its value in the system of economic security.

Purpose. To investigate the role of investment security in ensuring national economic security.

Results. Investment security is an important component of economic security. Investment security is a combination of legal, social and environmental conditions that determine the type and dynamics of the reproductive process and ensure reliability and efficiency of reimbursement of invested capital. Threat analysis is an important component of investment security analysis.

The level of investment security depends on the development of foreign trade relations. Most of the exported products have raw-material and semi-raw material orientation. Therefore, foreign investors continue funding export-oriented enterprises, creating favorable investment environment.Development of the banking system is important for ensuring the investment security of the state. Cash demand contraction, reduction of the credit activity and deposits has led to a reduction of liquidity of the banks’ financial resources.

Devaluation of Chinese currency has led to the depreciation of the national currency, reduction of the customer purchasing power. These risks are domestic for the formation of investment security of the state. The volume of money remittance from abroad has recently increased. Funds are mainly invested in the housing construction. The funds can be attracted to the private sector of economy as the business environment for investment is improved.

Originality. The state and prospects of investment security formation as a basic component of economic security has been investigated.

Conclusion. In Ukraine investment security is shaky nowadays, and this significantly worsens the willingness of foreign investors to invest in the development of national economy. Currently there are no factors to help enhancing investment security of the state.

Domestic enterprises get their major investment resources from their own sources, savings. The volume of money remittance from abroad is a positive aspect. Particular attention should be paid to avoiding devaluation shocks, as it can deepen the imbalance in the investment market.
The real economy sector is also in stagnation, thus, it requires an increase in foreign direct investment.


investment security; economic security; National security; investment attractiveness; foreign investments; investment funds; investment potential; threat.


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