Valentina Petrivna SAMODAY, Alyona Yoriivna SAHNO


Introduction. At the present stage of the updated strategic role of business tourism, hotel and restaurant business in the context of globalization.

Purpose. The main purpose is to examine the economic development strategy of tourist companies, hotel and restaurant business in the context of globalization and ways to study basic cash flow in the tourism industry in Ukraine.

Methods. This article analyzes the strategies, depending on the purpose and experience of the hotel and restaurant chains. The method used in the comparison characteristics of areas of capital investment by economic activity in 2015. 

Results. In the study we submitted a detailed classification of strategies, depending on the purpose and experience of the hotel and restaurant chains in the current development.

Originality. This paper classification was made strategies of international hotel and restaurant chains under conditions of globalization.

Conclusion. In a globalized world economy is competition between different countries and regions and enhance investment attractiveness rating increase and improve the image of enterprises through the development of hotel and restaurant business. Formation of the mission and strategic directions allows management to review aspects of hotel and restaurant facilities to assess their potential and prospects of solving existing problems. In turn composed Balanced Scorecard makes it possible to achieve the objectives, so that all options aimed at the implementation of a single strategy.


hotel and restaurant management; Balanced Scorecard; management; strategy development; hospitality business; hotel and restaurant sector; hotel and restaurant industry


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