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Introduction. The acute problem need, to develop enterprise pricing, adequate to modern conditions due on the one hand , the development of new forms and methods of management , and the second - the need to create organizational and economic conditions for the process of pricing in agriculture.

Purpose. There is a need in the scientific substantiation of measures of price policy of agricultural enterprises, the implementation of which, given the current and projected market conditions, should be aimed both at optimizing production costs and to establish a significant control over the pricing.

Results. Price is one of the instruments of income distribution and increasing the efficiency of agricultural production. Pricing policy - an important element of enterprise policy , reflecting the peculiarities of its market strategy. Price is a factor that is important for consumers of agricultural products. It helps establish any relationship between farm and customers and helps create some of his views, which may affect its future development. Price is the biggest weapon in the fight against competitors in the food market. In agriculture, prices are important for a system of prices for consumer goods manufactured from agricultural raw materials. Pricing for agricultural products can not only develop under the laws of market economy. Therefore, enterprises can be applied pricing following methods :

1. cost method;

2. The method is based on a target rate of return;

3. The method of pricing based on the perceived value of the goods due to specific approaches to the market;

4. Selection of prices based on the current price directs activities of companies pricing above does not own costs and the market situation , the pricing of competing firms;

5. Set a price based auction.

Conclusion. Important problem in forming an effective model price is scientific justification size standard costs, which are formed according to the production technology and the changing input prices. In production, except for logistical expenses and remuneration involved assets consisting of fixed and working capital, capital, land, which together have advanced capital. As a key agricultural production in market conditions is an effective activity, the manufacturer shall receive no less than in other industries, the average for the economy rate of return on the functioning of the production unit of capital, together with the value of the land.

Ключові слова

cost; pricing; profits; pricing; costs; earnings; seasonality of production; working capital; the agrarian sector.


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