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Introduction. The relevance of the study due to increased special importance and role of information in society. Due to the rapid development of technology, including remote banking services, a better understanding of the probability of the information threats and the need to establish an effective system of information security of banking institutions.

Purpose. The purpose of this article is to study the organization of information security system of the Bank based on the allocation of its basic components.

Methods. Used such research methods as monographic, theoretical generalization, systematization, analysis.

Results. It is established that the problem of research organization of information security system of a banking institution is relevant. The basic components of information security system of the Bank. Define the objectives of the information security system of the Bank, main tasks, objects and subjects. The principles of information security systems organization of the Bank are Given. Normative-legal ensuring of information security are highlighted. The information security policy of the banking institution, as part of the information security system are reviewed.

Originality. It was proposed definition of "system of information security of banking institutions". Defines the General concept of information securities system of banking institutions.

Conclusion. The most important task of bank - is the construction of a information securities system, because insufficient attention to information security leaks, loss, disclosure, corruption or destruction of proprietary information. Since the information held in the databases of banks has a real financial cost, the requirements for its storage and handling will always be elevated. According to the results of the conducted research we can draw the following conclusions: the proposed definition of "information security system of a banking institution". The elements of information security of banking institutions are studied. Prospects for further research are proposed in the specification of the elements that will enable an effective system of information security of banking institutions.

Ключові слова

banking institution; informational security; system; elements; principles; policy.


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