M. V. Ivashchenko


Introduction. The article traced the significant increase in the inclusion of Ukraine in international migration, due to its geographical position as a transit country and can be used to illegal immigration and transit migration. Illegal migration, high crime, smuggling activities are steadily growing, which directly threatens the national security of Ukraine. These dangers are amplified because Ukraine is gradually transformed from a transit country to country, accumulating illegal immigrants. Most illegal immigrants come to Ukraine from the Russian Federation and Belarus, so it would be reasonable to arrange their first eastern and northern borders.

Purpose. With this in mind, this study aims to analyze the current situation of economic security of Ukraine in the light of the features of its participation in international migration as a transit country and country of illegal accumulation.

Methods. Methods used in the article: theoretical analysis and synthesis of the test material, social and qualitative research methods, analytical - statistical method.

Results. Illegal transit migrants at border crossings using known forms and methods of infiltration desired country, through the green zone border; through legal customs checkpoints using forged or foreign documents; using large vehicles for industrial use.

Originality. A number of reasonable and effective ways to counter the threat to economic security from Ukraine and transit of illegal migration and the negative effects that caused this process.

Conclusion. Revealed that the increase of illegal migrants in Ukraine contributing factors such as "softness" Ukraine visa policy; lack of control over the activities of businesses and individuals that invite and take in Ukraine foreigners; employability and uncontrolled movement of illegal immigrants; the lack of an effective mechanism expulsion and deportation of foreigners from Ukraine.


economic security of Ukraine, a transit country, transit migration, illegal migration, criminalization of society.


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