S. O Shamov, A. O. Sarbash


Introduction: The article devoted to the protection of activities of broker companies in financial markets from external threats, realization of which results in large financial losses and significantly reduces the efficiency of their activities.

Purpose: Research purpose is an analysis of threats to activities of broker companies and possible ways to protect them by means of information technology.

Methods: monitoring, system analysis, induction, generalization.

Results: In this article the analysis of such threats in the market Forex, typical consequences of their realization, typical and possible ways to protect them by means of information technology. Three most significant global threats is characteristic of the modern state of financial markets and the world economy as a whole. Was shown their dependence key role of computerized information technologies in the modern business and uncontrollable rapid development of tools for criminal activities in computer information space. IT companies considered the proposed program and technical tools to effectively combat these threats.

Originality: is in the formulation and offering solutions to problems identifying opportunities for creating a system of information technology to protect brokerage activities in financial markets on a combination of the most significant global threats caused by a combination of global computerization of such activities with the rapid development of computer crime in information space.

Conclusion: Proposed composition of systems tools to protect activities of broker companies in the financial markets, which tools and their uses discussed in this article. The problem of cyber protection information systems, that operate in the financial markets around the world and the need to concentrate efforts both practicing specialists and researchers in the field of information technology to solve it, is important and actual.

Ключові слова

market Forex, broker companies, currency, cyberattacks, information technology, threats.


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