N. A. Yefimenko


Introduction. The formation of strategic and tactical plans and forecasts in the agricultural sector of the economy is carried out directly through state regulation. Every country carries out the state regulation of foreign trade using the foreign trade policy, which contains a number of measures aimed at achieving the economy of the country certain advantages in the world market, at the same time, it provides protection of domestic market from competing imported goods.

The economic crisis in Ukraine makes the state, producers and investors to actively search for new directions of development of the country and to diversify markets. An important place takes the agricultural sector and its trade status is crucial at this stage of development of Ukraine, at the same time, its export potential is one of the first steps towards bringing the country out of crisis.

Purpose. The purpose of the study is to reveal the methods of state regulation of foreign trade activities of the agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine.

Methods. Methods used in the article: theoretical analysis and synthesis of the test material, social and qualitative research methods, analytical - statistical method.

Results. Further improvement of the infrastructure of the agrofood market should be subject to the relationship of all structural elements of the complex.

Originality. An important factor in the expansion of production and output of domestic enterprises to foreign markets is the diversification of production activities of agricultural enterprises, allowing to a certain extent, to stabilize production and increase receipts from product sales

Conclusion.Тhe government is trying to create all the necessary conditions for the normal functioning of the agricultural sector. How its actions will be effective, time will tell, but so far it remains only to hope for a gradual solution of all collected problems of the complex

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the state, state regulation, foreign trade, agriculture, regulation, market, regulatory policy, and competitiveness.


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