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Introduction. To ensure the comprehensive development of the country's economy, it is important to understand how the economies of its individual regions interact. Projects, programs and project portfolios are now recognized as new economic infrastructure, which ensures the implementation of the adopted territorial and national development strategies. To create this mega-infrastructure, certain conditions are required that combine political, economic and managerial components, which implies the need for a comprehensive study of the theoretical foundations of regional development projects, taking into account the peculiarities of the functioning of the Ukrainian economy.

Purpose. The purpose of the study is to specify the theoretical foundations of regional development projects management.

Methods. Classification, generalization, specification.

Results. Problematic aspects that arise when using project management methods at the regional level are established. First, it is the transparency of what is happening. In the process of project management, achieving intermediate results should be absolutely clear to the public; it is fixed and should be known to all who are involved in this process. Secondly, it is an emphasis on team work in terms of bringing together the efforts of various specialists from different fields, which are needed and important in order to professionally and correctly carry out all the tasks for achieving the result. And, thirdly - the introduction of project management can and should provide a reduction in costs, both temporary and monetary. Thus, the implementation of the project management of regional development means greater efficiency of the functioning of regional structures at a lower cost.

Originality. The article deals with the concept of the management system of regional projects and programs. The list of subsystems of the management system of regional projects and programs is specified. The basic principles of project management and regional development programs are determined. It has been established that the level of perfection of the project management procedures of most subjects of regional systems does not at the moment provide significant competitive advantages, which necessitates the transition to more adequate models of regional development. The stages of the mechanism of project management of regional development are listed. A list of actors who are active participants, initiators and beneficiaries of regional development projects in Ukraine is formed.

Conclusion. The relevance of the project management in the public sector is increasing. It is advisable to create special headquarters, project offices in each region of the country, which will become a kind of development administration, will ensure implementation of the best mechanisms for creating a favorable investment climate in Ukraine.

The complex nature of the economic and political challenges facing Ukraine today sets the highest level of requirements for the functioning of the state apparatus, coordination of work among all branches of government, and the joint work of the departments. For the effective realization of these tasks, it is necessary to completely modernize the system of public administration that has developed at present. One of the main directions of its improvement may be the introduction of modern, generally accepted methods of managing regional development projects.

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project management, region, regional development, public administration.


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