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Introduction. In modern conditions of Ukraine, in difficult economic situation, there are many risks, dangers and threats that generate industrial enterprises a number of financial and economic problems whose solution requires the improvement of existing and development of new forms, methods and tools for neutralize the negative effects on financial sector companies. For the effective functioning of enterprises it is necessary to increase their financial and economic security. Inadequate attention to the process of financial and economic security in industrial process inhibits their growth and leads to crisis complicates the process out of them.

Purpose. The purpose of the article is to substantiate theoretical principles, methodological approaches and practical recommendations for the formation and implementation of an effective mechanism for managing the financial security of an industrial enterprise in a globalizing environment.

Methods. Analysis, synthesis, generalization.

Results. In the article theoretical bases, methodical approaches and practical recommendations about formation and realisation of the effective mechanism of management by financial security of the industrial enterprise in the conditions of globalisation are considered.

Originality. The objects and subjects of the mechanism of management of financial security of the enterprise are established. The principles of financial security management are determined. Measures to increase the level of financial security of the company for its functional componentsenterprise are proposed.

Conclusions. The proposed approach to the construction of the financial security management mechanism, with the help of economic methods, tools, principles, tasks, levers, functions, is aimed at making informed management decisions in order to maintain a high level of financial security of the enterprise, which will enable the company to provide growth of its market value. Such a mechanism envisages, in addition to building a financial security management system, determining the level of financial risks of the enterprise, which increases its importance and role in ensuring the effective operation of the enterprise.


mechanism, management, safety, financial safety, system of economic safety, enterprise, globalisation.


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