G. M. Chirva


Introduction. With the development of socio-economic relations, there is a need to rethink the essence of social incentives in terms of creating conditions for an adequate standard of living, since the impact of social security on the behaviour and activities of people is multifaceted and complex. Social security belongs to the socio-economic sphere of life.

Purpose is to identify areas for mobilizing social incentives for effective economic development.

Methods. Methods used in the article: theoretical analysis and synthesis of the material.

Results. The prospects of mobilizing the main money in a market economy are studied, and the main solvent demand is the money of the population. The author proves that if we want to develop dynamically, then we first need to accelerate the effective demand of the population, and for this, the entire economy of the country should turn to face the person.

Originality. It is proposed to create conditions for the citizens of Ukraine to earn more, namely: through the promotion of social policy, whose task is to always push the size of minimum wages and minimum pensions, all the time enriching the subsistence minimum, on which the size of the minimum wage and the minimum pension is oriented . It is proved that such a way of mobilizing incentives for development is particularly relevant, since we simply lack a conscious policy of raising the minimum wage.

Conclusion. If we follow today's trends of state regulation of the socio-economic life of society, then the government's increasing role in regulating the social sphere is clearly visible. The state at the expense of the budget provides assistance to the disadvantaged - the disabled, the unemployed, the elderly - mainly on a targeted basis.


socio-economic sphere; social stimulus for economic growth; social welfare; social obligations; social tax; economic growth; salary; pension.


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