Introduction. The importance and the need to ensure the economic security and the economy as a whole and separately enterprises is describes in a significant number of scientific publications and legal acts of different levels. At the same time the investment security is not properly reflected in academic sources. Requires a new approach the definition of «investment component of economic security of the enterprise» and its linkages to other economic categories and concepts, rationale approaches to the assessment and management of investment security of enterprise. Purpose. The aim of the article is to reveal the essence of the concept of «investment component of economic security of the enterprise» and the definition of mechanisms its assessment and management. Methods. Results are received because of application of methods: abstractions – for determination of the category «investment component of economic security»; the general and special methods – for establishment of unity of concepts of the economic security; formal logic – for description of main mechanisms and tools in system of investment security system of the enterprise. Results. It is shown the essence of economic security, allocated ten theoretical approaches to the definition of the concept (informational approach, the analysis of risk management, functional approach, the approach to protect the company's interests, subjective-objective approach, the approach of development potential of the enterprise, organizational approach, system-activity approach and systematic approach), considered as the most important methods – systematic, situational, functional, process and cyclical. Levels of decomposition economic security concepts from the enterprise point of view as a control object is considered. Approach to definition of the category «investment component of economic security» is created. The investment security elements of the enterprise are considered, in particular, the subject, object, objectives, functions, principles, objectives, control system. The states (levels) of the enterprise security are classified. The technology to ensure the security of the investment business entity in the form of five stages it is shown, as well as the relevant processes and tools. Originality. The necessity of taking into account the investment component in the practice of economic security, the scheme of organizational changes in the management structure to ensure effective management of sustainable development of industrial enterprise is offered. Conclusion. Investment security enterprise level has a significant impact on its financial and economic indicators. Communication investments and economic security requires further study to determine the portion of the forward and reverse links, parameters, assessment, forecasting methods. Therefore, the basis for future research will be to develop a comprehensive system of safety evaluation of the investment, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of the considered techniques and the use of diverse indicators to measure the financial activities of the enterprise, which can be tested for different user groups.


security; economic security; investment component of economic security; elements of investment security; condition security


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