The strategy of reforming technical regulation system in the context of creating an attractive business environment in Ukraine

T. M. Artyukh, I. V. Grigorenko


The results of the study of technical regulation in Ukraine.Reform of technical regulation aimed primarily at technical harmonization and technical regulations that lead to the elimination of trade barriers in international trade. Technical barriers to trade arise only when facing questions regarding safety requirements to prevent imports of products which are not manufactured and certified in accordance with national technical regulations.

Modern Ukraine is on the verge of changes that stalyat serious challenges to enhance competitiveness of Ukrainian manufacturers on world markets; the need to improve the business environment; improving public administration. The expected results from the elimination of technical barriers to trade between Ukraine and the EU include: access of Ukrainian goods to the EU market under the conditions that apply to EU Member States; full recognition of Ukrainian institutions belonging to the system of technical regulation; Ukraine gaining membership in the European market surveillance system. To achieve these objectives, it is necessary to carry out regulatory approximation to the EU system.

Without significant regulatory changes in the system of technical regulation of Ukraine, particularly in the field of standardization, accreditation, conformity assessment, metrology and market surveillance is not possible to hope for a real revival of business trade and economic relations with the European market, improving the quality and safety of Ukrainian products on the domestic market , protection of the consumer. But until now there had been no necessary reforms and therefore adopted new laws on technical regulation system because of their inconsistency with other legal acts, not able to implement all norms of EU technical regulations in the business and legal practices in Ukraine.

The analysis of the impact of the existing system of technical regulation on the development of the consumer market, business, society and the state as a whole. An analysis of the process of reforming the Ukrainian system of technical regulation of horizontal and vertical legislation.

The ways of further development and improvement of technical regulation in Ukraine legislative and executive level.

Ключові слова

system of technical regulation; technical regulations; conformity assessment; accreditation; market surveillance


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