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Introduction. Modern market realities constitute a significant threat to the Ukrainian economy, which requires in-depth study of the conceptual foundations of such a difficult category as economic security. The system approach and the allocation of logical interconnections between the basic conceptual constructions of this integration phenomenon create the prerequisites for the analysis of its manifestations, resource base, factors and development trends at the level of the separate region.

Purpose. The main purpose of this work is to study the structural-level characteristics of economic security of the Ukrainian regions.

Methods. Method of theoretical analyses and graphical method are used.

Results. In this paper, the main approaches to the definition of "economic security" are analyzed, graphically the structure of economic security of Ukraine is presented. The main components of the economic security of the state and its regions are investigated and analyzed. The main major threats to the economic security of the regions of Ukraine and the causes of their occurrence are analyzed. The main criteria for ensuring economic security of the region and the country are investigated. The main groups of indicators of economic security of the region are determined, for monitoring of its state in the regions of Ukraine.

Originality. Today, the question of raising the level of economic security needs to be considered not only at the state level, but also at the regional level. When developing the strategy of economic security, much attention should be paid to the question of determining regional interests, since their protection will be so effective, further development of regions and the country as a whole will depend.

Conclusion. Economic security of the regions is an open system, which is a subsystem of the system of economic security of the state. Threats to the economic security of the region are factors that become barriers to the implementation of regional socio-economic interests, which pose a danger to the life-support of the population and the functioning of the territory as a whole. At present, the list of threats to economic security is gaining critical significance, so special attention should be paid to the process of their solution and prevention in the future.

Ключові слова

security; economic security; region; social security; threats; economic security strategy


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