Introduction. Identifying the most effective export support tools that are appropriate for developing medical tourism in the Republic of Belarus.

Purpose is to identify countries that are close to the indicators of the Republic of Belarus in terms of economic potential, level of development of the health care system.

Methods - economic and statistical analysis and comparative method.

Results - a generalized algorithm was developed and tested, which allows to select countries that are close in terms of economic indicators and the state of health care systems to indicators of the Republic of Belarus. At the first stage of the algorithm, economic indicators were used - the ratio of the population of the country to the population of the United States, the share of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country in world GDP, export quota; at the second stage, indicators characterizing the development of the health system of the countries were used: The human development index, the World Health Organization's ranking, taking into account indicators of life expectancy and mortality, availability and equality of receiving medical care, provision of hospital beds and medical staff, the share of health expenditures in the country's GDP.

Originality. Ranking made it possible to identify countries that are close in terms of economic indicators and the state of health systems to indicators of the Republic of Belarus: Cuba, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Panama, Poland, Thailand. This makes it possible to use in the Republic of Belarus foreign experience of attracting foreign patients not only on the basis of studying the tools and mechanisms to stimulate the export of medical services in leading countries in attracting foreign patients (the USA, Germany, Israel, Switzerland), but also those countries indicators and health systems are close to the Republic of Belarus. This is necessary to understand what will happen in the Republic of Belarus with the use of similar export promotion tools.

Conclusion. The use of the author's algorithm allowed us to identify tools to support the export of medical services that are appropriate to use in the Republic of Belarus: state support is needed for the export of medical services in Belarus in the form of adopting programs for the development of medical tourism; attracting patients with new forms of medical services (SPA and wellness procedures, check-up programs); creating medical clusters; the development and active promotion in the international markets of the symbiosis of medicine and the tourism industry; promotion of medical services of the Republic of Belarus through packages that include not only the operation itself, but also additional services (hotel accommodation, excursions, leisure activities, other services).

Ключові слова

export; medical services; Republic of Belarus; criteria; medical clusters; governmental support; symbiosis of medicine and tourism; packages of services


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