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Retrospective diagnostics of main financial results of activity (profit, earnings and yield of shares); business capital, market capitalization, EBITDA, operating margin and net profit margin, P / E, ROA, ROE, ROC as of 2018 and an average of 5 years; Consideration of Montier C-Score and Piotroski F-Score indicators on financial issues of companies; liquidity of the balance of agroholdings on the criterion of the ratio of assets and liabilities; the coefficient analysis of enterprises and the diagnosis of bankruptcy probabilities using models of multiple discriminant analysis (MDA model), logistic regression (Logit-model) and rating methods (Beaver's indicators and definition of the class of the potential beneficiary of the investment prokect) helped to formulate a generalized conclusion on the probability of bankruptcy according to models and a general assessment of the financial condition of agricultural companies.
Based on the analysis, it has been determined that, according to all methods of the agroholding, the sample collectively generates a series from the highest to the lowest: MHP / Kernel, IMC, Agroton and Avangard. In view of this, it is necessary to formulate and continuously improve integrated risk management systems (integrated systems of enterprise economic security), rather than separate procedures at the level of different departments of the company.


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