Ahmed Mohammed Khalleefah


Strategic accounting is very important element of effective strategic management. To perform its function strategic accounting information should correspond to strategic goals of the firm. To be useful for enterprise stakeholders, strategic accounting information should include information on business valuation, information on enterprise financial and economic security, information on competitive intelligence, and also information on strategy implementation results, which can be assessed by KPI.
The most appropriate form for strategic information preparing is enterprise strategic report, which should be prepared on the year basis as a part of enterprise annual report. But separate element of this report (KPI of strategy implementation results) should be prepared on monthly basis and discussed with strategic planning team according to planning calendar.
Concerning the responsible persons – departments of financial analytics and economic security department should be responsible for strategic report preparation.


documentation process; strategic report; strategic accounting information; strategic management; KPI analysis; information on business valuation; information on enterprise financial and economic security; information on competitive intelligence.


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