Within the framework of sustainable development of rural territories, decentralization and harmonization, the European standards have first considered the possibilities of land management. The basic world tendencies and their influence on the land resources management of the agrarian sector of the Ukrainian economy are determined. The laws of national land use and the problems they cause are considered. Taking into account tendencies and revealed patterns, modern forecasts of agrarian business development and consequences of their realization in land management in Ukraine were determined. The author offers a scheme of "domino effect" from the implementation of investment processes in agriculture to the harmonization of land management with European standards. It is proposed to create a network structure of organic products under the TM "UkrWay" on the analytical and consulting platform of the Association "Ukrainian Agrarian Business Club", which allows you to quickly diagnose demand at the expense of the consumer as a quasi-employee, quasi-observer and quasi-marketer, and accordingly apply dynamic systems land resources of the agricultural sector of the economy. A scheme of harmonization of economic interests of land management entities under decentralization conditions through their financial and organizational capabilities has been developed to focus on ownership, management and use of management objects.


agrarian sector, sustainable development, harmonize, land management, decentralization


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