Viktoriia BORSHCH


Introduction. Health care is one of the strategic branches of socio-economic life in Ukraine. It is a basis for formation of national human capital, since the health status is one of the factors for its formation. From the development level of health institutions and their activity, from the medical workers’ activity and from the development of the healthcare network depends the quality of medical care in any country. But nevertheless, the medical personnel are a key element of such system. They are the providers of health services and thus, the analysis of theoretical and methodological concepts of forming human capital of medical staff is urgent nowadays.

Purpose of this paper is to form theoretical and methodological concepts for forming the human capital in the medical establishment.

The methodological basis of the paper is the complex of methods, including methods of scientific cognition, analysis and synthesis, systematization and scientific abstraction. The informational basis of the conducted research is the scientific works of the domestic and foreign scientists in the sphere of management and organization of health care, personnel management, statistical data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, legal and regulatory documents of Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Results. In the paper definitions of the human capital are analyzed. Channeling investment to the human capital is defined. The formula for evaluation of the human capital’s cost is proposed; it is universal for the all organizations of different property forms and activities. The problem of development of human capital in the medical establishment is analyzed separately, namely its staff’s professionalization. The concept of continuing medical education is considered. The conditions of forming human capital at the medical establishment are researched.

Originality. Directions of human capital’s development in the medical establishment are proposed, taking into account the modern reformation of health sphere.

Conclusion. Practical importance of the scientific research results lies in defining the modern paradigm of personnel management for healthcare facilities, which is important for the further development of the healthcare sphere, labour market of medical staff and improvement of the healthcare facilities’ activity in Ukraine.


human capital, medical establishment, investments to human capital, professionalization of the staff, medical personnel, continuing medical education


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