Synergetic effect in economic security system of enterprise

O.I. Zakharov


Introduction. In a globalized world economy the most important function of the state is to ensure its economic security. To address this complex problem are the appropriate state institutions, legal framework, trained personnel, technology, administrative, intellectual, informational, financial and other material resources.

In turn, non-state security actors also have significant resources to ensure economic security business. These resources primarily include well-trained professionals, experience in business security specific conditions of the domestic economy, as well as organizational structure, finance business entities and knowledge of employees, and available technologies, means, methods and techniques of counteracting factors threats external and internal environment. It is also necessary to unite together all the company's resources and resources of external organizations in order to obtain a synergistic effect in the system of economic security.

Purpose. Research conditions to create a synergistic effect in the system of economic security.

Methods. Theoretical generalization, logical analysis, induction are used to determine the main methods for evaluation of industrial enterprises managers; to determine scientific approach that must be used for research and study of the evaluation process of managers of industrial enterprises.

Results. Nowadays provision of economic security of enterprise is possible only if the operation activity of its economic security system is effective. This requires constant and close cooperation of all its internal and external entities that can provide a synergetic effect in countering external and internal threats to economic security.

Originality. All elements of economic security based on a single concept, policies should be integrated into the overall strategy of economic security that can give a synergistic protective effect. The model of forming synergistic effect in the system of economic security offered in the article. Considering the need to achieve a synergistic effect of a system of economic security must take into account not only the intellectual and professional capabilities of its staff. It is important to use this complex process and available material resources that include: finance, law, and other hardware. Only the union of "human capital" of the enterprise and its resources can provide a synergistic protective effect, will withstand adverse factors external and internal environment.

Conclusion. In an unstable economy and high level of uncertainty processes that occur in it, to ensure economic security is possible only on condition of close interaction and partnership of government and business. This will fully and optimally a single algorithm to use all their resources to counter internal and external threats to the economy, ie a synergistic protective effect at securing domestic business.


the system of economic security; enterprise; synergetic effect; threats; economic security department; mechanism; subjects of economic security system


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