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The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed lives of much people. It has accelerated the process of digitization. Consumers are now much more likely to shop online than before, with more and more people using the internet as their main source of information, entertainment and growing. A strong marketing strategy in social networks will include the process of finding new features and channels, as well as the rapid creation of new content for them. Now more than half of the world's population is present on social networks. It was analysed the main features of pandemic period. It was indicated digital audience around the world. It was detected digital’s role in helping people during COVID-19 pandemia. It was analysed the using of social media for brand research. It was compared Instagram, LinkedIn and Tik-Tok advertising audience during pandemic period. Also it was defined WhatsApp usage across regions. It was structured the expecting to shop online between people from different age group.It is important to understand how people use different technologies. It is worth investing in technology that can adapt and change over time, especially given the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Author Biographies

Volodymyr NESTERENKO, Sumy State University

PhD student, 

Sumy State University,

Sumy, Ukraine

Anna ROSOKHATA, Sumy State University

PhD (Econ.),

Sumy State University,

Sumy, Ukraine

Liubov SYHYDA, Sumy State University

PhD (Econ.), Associate Professor,

Sumy State University,

Sumy, Ukraine

Anastasiia MOSKALENKO, Sumy State University

Applicant for Higher Education,

Sumy State University,

Sumy, Ukraine


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