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Introduction. The article examines the impact of transformational changes in the economy on the management of marketing activities of agricultural enterprises of Ukraine. To this end, the dynamics of the share of agro-industrial complex in GDP is studied and the forecast values of the given dynamics for future periods are calculated. The volumes of sold agricultural products for basic agricultural products, in particular corn and wheat, were determined. The dynamics of price changes in the world commodity market with calculated forecast values for future periods is studied. Based on this, conclusions were made about the need to include the results of research on global price trends in the marketing plans of agricultural enterprises.

The presented research algorithm and its results can be used to develop strategic management plans for domestic agricultural enterprises.

Purpose. The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of modern global integration processes on domestic agricultural enterprises and provide them with the necessary tools that can be used in the development of strategic management plans.

Results. The results of the research shown in Fig. 1; 2; show that the agricultural sector in the current period and in the near future will play a significant role in total GDP. Dynamics of change in GDP and agro-industrial complex of Ukraine have common and different signs of development which is 0.45 for the studied time series.

Our study confirms the thesis of increasing the share of agriculture in GDP in the coming periods. The fall in the share of agro-industrial complex and GDP in 2020 has a force majeure scenario and was caused mainly by the corona crisis.

Conclusion. Our model proposals based on the polynomial trend line of the 5th degree to GDP and agro-industrial complex have coefficients of determination R2 = 0.78 and R2 = 0.75, respectively. It is important to study global pricing trends in the global agri-food market.

Research of the two above-mentioned agricultural products (wheat and corn). There is also evidence of greater dynamics in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange futures, the rise in prices in 2021 due to panic in food markets and the Crown Virus pandemic.

Further research should focus on the study of global food trends, in order to find an adequate place in the global markets of Ukraine's agricultural sector.

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Yevhen MAIOVETS , Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Dr. Sc. (Economics), Professor,

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv,

Lviv, Ukraine

Yulia VELYCHKO, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

PhD student of the Department of Marketing,

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv,

Lviv, Ukraine


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