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Introduction. Providing information and consultancy plays an important role in the development of agriculture for today, and are a catalyst of scientific and technological progress in agriculture, as combining education, science and production.

Purpose. Identifying problems and future directions of information and consultancy services to rural producers (extension) as one of the most important factors in improving the efficiency of agricultural production and to identify sources of financing advisory business is the purpose of this article.

Methods. The author used monographic, analytical calculation, spreadsheet, comparative methods.

Results. There are a number of reasons that hampered the development of information and consultation to ensure agricultural producers, including insufficient government funding advisory.

According to the law of information and consulting services to be financed from the state budget and local budgets, and conducted on a competitive basis. The competition aimed to provide social services advisory entities may take only advisory.

In addition to state support, financing advisory activity can be carried out through grants, technical assistance, from international programs and projects, charity contributions of natural and legal persons and other sources not prohibited by law.

Other external sources is occupied by grants and sponsorship assistance. These two sources are significant differences, despite the fact that both are allocated free of charge.

All these sources finance directly the activities of real and formalized consulting groups. At the same time, information and consulting activity carried out not only by these services. Such activity can massively funded: public services by taxpayers; government services in respect of taxes on certain agricultural products; commercial companies that sell commodity inputs or buy their products, and are in a relationship with customers and spread agricultural knowledge; associations of producers, who pay for consulting services from their membership fees; associations of agricultural producers, subsidized by the state; NGOs financed by grants within or outside the country and / or commercial companies to create a favorable image; NGOs receiving grants from the government or working on contracts with the state (or its own or foreign "donor countries") and others.

Originality. Given the author's own definition of information and consulting services, namely an activity to transfer current product information on the subject that has such a product to the user, to meet the information it needs, which implies the use of this product obtain additional income consumer or social impact.

Conclusion. Providing information and consulting (advisory) services are an important part of the agricultural commodity production, providing its innovative development. Problems extension that exist at the moment can be resolved, but with state support, including in matters of finance. Currently funding information and consultation (advisory) services can be made from various sources and their use depends on the initiative most extension services and other consulting groups.

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information and advisory services; agricultural producers; counseling; information and advisory support; socio-focused services; commercial services; financing


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