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Introduction. In the article the state and prospects of Ukraine’s investment and innovative safety under conditions of participation in Free Trade Area with European Union are explored.

Purpose. To investigate the impact of participation in Free Trade Area with European Union on the state of Ukraine’s investment and innovative safety, to disclose possible advantages and risks as a result of objective and subjective factors.

Results. In the paper the state and possible advantages as well as risks of investment and innovative safety as a part of Ukraine’s economic safety are analysed. Specified basic elements of investment and innovative policy including availability of financial resources for effective innovative activity; encouragement of small and medium-sized innovative businesses; stimulation of partnership between private sector and universities; support and development of international scientific-and-technological cooperation. Argued the possibilities for consolidation of Ukraine’s investment and innovative safety due to eventual improvement of the conditions for innovative activity.

Originality. In the article reasoned not only advantages from the participation in Free Trade Area but also possible risks in case if there are no measures to avoid factors carrying potential threat.

Conclusion. Consolidation of investment and innovative safety is possible only when the state will provide certain development of scientific-and-technological potential enabling national producers to compete successfully in the international market. Under conditions of Ukraine’s participation in Free Trade Area with EU the possibilities of the state for this somewhat rise. At the same time some risks can also occur.

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investment and innovation security of Ukraine; free trade zone with the EU; perspective; threats


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