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Introduction. Ukraine's membership in the world trade organization since 2008 certainly affected the development of foreign trade with regional trading groups like the EU and the custom Unions of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Despite the fact that the process of Ukraine's accession lasted for 8 years, the government of Ukraine prior to 2008 signed a number of agreements with the WTO, which are asymmetrical at all levels of the foreign trade regulation.

Purpose of the study is the consideration of asymmetries of the General terms of agreements of Ukraine with the WTO and with the EU Association for agricultural and food products, the creation of scientific and practical recommendations for the development of foreign trade and increase exports of agricultural products in the conditions of modern integration processes.

Results. In the article it is considered the estimation problem of influence of foreign trade agreement conditions of Ukraine with the WTO and the EU on prospects of agricultural goods production. It was determined that Ukraine within the framework of the WTO agreement adopted asymmetric obligations in respect of export of agro-industrial complex, which significantly limit the ability of domestic enterprises regarding the export of agricultural products to international markets.

Conclusion. Thus it can be stated that the Agreement of Ukraine with the WTO and the the EU Association Agreement with Ukraine (including the Agreement on the FTA+ with the EU) creates certain imbalances in the levels of domestic market protection and foreign trade between Ukraine and the EU, which directly influence on the external trade, both in general and on foreign trade of the agricultural products of Ukraine, as a consequence, requires further analysis and study.

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agro-food products; integration processes; asymmetry; foreign trade agreements.


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