Любов Василівна Заглинська, Анатолій Олексійович Заглинський


Introduction Income sense stands employment is always the outcome of the businesses. Its value is related to the degree of satisfaction of human needs in certain goods and services. However, income is the motive of employment of the population and encourages people to producing national wealth, and therefore is the economic basis of society. However, income has a social character. It reflects the needs of people not only in earnings, but also self through socially useful activities. Thus, employment income as the meaning of the working population a highly topical issue of social and economic life, which is not only limited to the analysis of certain statistical results management, and includes such aspects as sustainable use of social work; ensure a decent standard of living; meet the needs of the economy in the workforce and more.

Purpose of research is to study certain types of income society, their relationship with the system of employment of the working population and the problems that arise in this.

Methods Method of scientific analysis of theoretical material, statistical analysis and comparison, deductive-indicative method, theoretical generalization.

Results The article explored the meaning as employment income of the working population. Reveals the development trends in employment relations and their impact on income dynamics at the macro and micro levels. The influence of various economic and social factors on quality of life. The factors that influence the dynamics of income and underlined importance of rational use of public works to meet the needs of other instruments that provide a decent standard of living.

Originality consists in the peculiarities of methodological analysis and practical projections on the problem income and employment.

Conclusion. Income is the main thrust and impetus of the population that has economic and social. Important factors that affect the dynamics of income are: efficient use of public safety; increase enterprise profitability; wages, pensions, transfer payments, and more. Unfortunately, in terms of Ukrainian realities (fighting in the east, sharp currency depreciation, rapid rise in unemployment, etc.) Is continuing decline in revenues, rising unemployment and impoverishment of the nation. Income inequality is transformed from economic stimulus factor for depression. Overcoming the problems of low income due to inefficient employment and lack of jobs, in our opinion, is not a theoretical plane (it deep enough developed Ukrainian and foreign scientists) and in the plane of the practical implementation of existing programs and activities of the Government, the political will of the leaders state and people control over their implementation.

Ключові слова

employment; income; national income; personal income; transfer income; nominal returns; salary; pension.


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