N. V. Zachosova, D. M. Kutsenko


Introduction. If the preservation of personal finances and resources of business entities can be considered as the task of their owners and users, then securing the entire financial system, minimizing at least internal threats to the proper functioning of all its participants, is a national-level mission. That is why the task of ensuring a high level of financial security of the state at the applied level requires, in the current non-trivial conditions of economic and political troubles, a proper scientific and methodological basis, which makes the topic chosen for research relevant and time-consuming.

Purpose. The purpose of the article is to determine the peculiarities of the state regulation of the financial security of Ukraine and of economic security of financial institutions as subjects of its supply.

Methods. Formal-logical method is used to determine basic concepts; Monographic and comparative methods; Method of theoretical generalization.

Results Under the financial security of the state, we offer to understand the state of financial resources and capabilities of the country that are formed in its financial system or attracted to it from the outside, which allows to ensure the realization of financial interests of its participants and the state as a whole by guaranteeing protection against external and internal threats that can interfere this process of their (resources and opportunities) effective use in different segments of the financial system. The peculiarities of the state regulation of Ukraine's financial security are deficiencies in the lack of regulatory framework, duplication of functions and ineffective work of financial regulators in ensuring the country's financial security and economic security of the most active professional participants in the financial market - financial institutions.

Originality The essence and meaningful content of the notion of financial security of the state are specified. The list of state bodies and structures that directly or indirectly influences the state of financial security of the state is specified and their role and significance in the process of ensuring financial security of Ukraine is established. The principles of regulation of financial security of Ukraine are offered through control of the activities of financial institutions. The list of features of the current state of state regulation of financial security of Ukraine is given.

Conclusion The peculiarities of the state regulation of financial security of Ukraine include: lack of legal and regulatory framework for regulating financial security; the absence of strategic landmarks enshrined in long-term documents for ensuring the country's financial security; the presence of several regulators of the state of the financial system at once; absence of periodic monitoring of the state of financial security of Ukraine with its obligatory assessment in dynamics; informational closure of financial market regulators and the financial system regarding the results of their work on financial security. The shortcomings of the process of regulating financial security in Ukraine through the control of the activities of financial institutions include: the lack of legally established requirements for the transparency of financial institutions and the establishment of economic security services in their structures, lack of methodical tools for assessing the level of economic security and requirements for the system of economic security; low level of interaction between government agencies for the task of ensuring the economic security of financial institutions; absence in the staff of institutions the persons possessing professional skills in ensuring economic security; bureaucracy and long-term resolution of complaints and disputes, etc. It is recommended to introduce financial institutions and their economic security as one of the objects of protection in the normative-legal acts, and to put the economic interests of financial institutions in the Development Strategies of Ukraine.

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financial security of the state, regulation, financial institutions, economic security, National Bank of Ukraine, National Securities and Stock Market Commission, National Commission for State regulation in the field of financial services markets


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