M. S. Laptiev


Introduction. In conditions of unstable socio-economic situation in the country, the activity of higher educational institutions is influenced by a considerable number of factors of hazards and threats of the external and internal environment. Given this, domestic higher education institutions need to have effective systems of economic security to ensure stable work and development. Modern systems of economic security of higher educational institutions should use all their own resources, as well as resources of state structures and non-state actors.

Purpose. The purpose of the article is to consider the theoretical foundations for building a comprehensive system for managing the economic security of a higher educational institution.

Methods. Theoretical generalization, monographic method.

Results. The article discusses the theoretical bases of construction and operation of complex maintenance of economic security management systems of higher academic institutions.

Originality. The system of economic security of the higher educational institution should include all its structural components, including: the administration, the academic council, the educational departments, departments, scientific subdivisions, financial, logistical, economic and other divisions and services. Among the internal resources of the system of economic security should be considered: intellectual resources; financial resources; information resources; human resources; material and technical resources; administrative resources and others. As external resources of the system of economic security of a higher educational establishment it is possible to consider: public authorities; mass-media; subjects of the education system, with which the interaction is carried out (schools, colleges); scientific institutions; business; state structures; police; subjects of economic activity (enterprises, banks, firms).

Conclusion. At present, a large number of complex and multi-vector factors of the external and internal environment, both favorable and negative, are influenced by the activities of a higher educational establishment. Under these conditions, their successful activity largely depends on the ability of their system of economic security to respond adequately to the existing and possible threats to their activities in the face of strong competition in the market of educational services.

In order for the system of economic security to function successfully it is necessary to create an effective management mechanism that would allow coordinating the actions of all subjects of the system of economic security of a higher educational institution, to use all available resources to counteract existing and possible threats to the external and internal environment.


higher education institution, threats, economic security, management mechanism, economic security system.


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