N. V. Butko, V. G. Umanska


Introduction. Each enterprise in the process of economic activity is a participant in the competition for the consumer (buyer). Therefore, one of the important elements for an enterprise is the definition of a mechanism for ensuring competitiveness and developing a marketing strategy for the enterprise. This is іt main purpose of activity.

Purpose. A profound analysis of marketing support of competitiveness and determination of the main factors of marketing strategy of enterprises of the sugar-beet subcomplex.

Methods. Methods used in the article: theoretical analysis and synthesis of the test material, social and qualitative research methods, analytical – statistical method.

Results. Competitiveness of production is characterized by a set of indicators of the functioning of industries and activities of enterprises. They determine their sustainable development. Existing methodological approaches assess the competitiveness of an enterprise through the competitiveness of its products in the market.

In a regulated sugar market, marketing is the real form of competitive struggle. It is an important link in the sugar-sub-complex management system. The formation of marketing monitoring contributes to solving the problem of development of sugar-beet production.

The components of the marketing strategy to ensure the competitiveness of production are considered. It contributes to strengthening the competitive position of individual enterprises and entire industries in the country. The main factors that negatively influence the overall effectiveness of marketing activities in terms of ensuring competitiveness are highlighted.

Originality. The main components of the marketing strategy of ensuring the competitiveness of sugar beet production enterprises are offered.

Conclusion. Marketing competitiveness requires the use of marketing tools, how to combine them, an active marketing concept and strategy to strengthen the competitive position of the company and its products.


marketing, enterprise competitiveness, sugar-beet production, marketing monitoring, marketing strategy.


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