Introduction. The strategic goal of the development of the Republic of Belarus is the construction of a national innovation economy. The scientific community is aware of the need for breakthrough ideas and their corresponding new technologies, as the most important factor in the development of the state is now the ability to create a science-intensive product with high added value. The scientific and educational sphere becomes an important resource of the modern economy, whose substantial growth is ensured by the creation and use of the latest scientific and technical developments.

Purpose. The purpose of the study is the assessment of the status, the definition of problems and the prospects for the development of innovative activities and the commercialization of innovations in the Republic of Belarus.

Methods. Method of theoretical analysis, monographic method, method of generalization, abstract-logical method are used.

Results. It is proved that among the elements of foreign experience, for which there are possibilities of adaptation to the Republic of Belarus, such as the transition to an open innovation model through the activation of the market of intellectual property objects, creation of institutional conditions and mechanisms for venture capital, expansion of forms of public-private partnership in the field of commercialization of the results of NTD, financial support by the state of innovative projects at initial stages, development of a set of measures to strengthen the integration of science and real sel torus economy, promotion of small innovation business, transfer of ownership rights created using budgetary funds research organizations, innovation and the formation of industrial clusters, the widespread use of innovation vouchers, development startup movement, attracting innovative process crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.

Originality. The article examines the state of development of innovation activity in the Republic of Belarus, models and problems of commercialization of innovations, including in the scientific and educational sphere. On this basis, the peculiarities of management of innovation commercialization have been investigated, an estimation of obstacles of effective innovation activity and commercialization of innovations has been investigated, prospects of their development have been considered.

Conclusion. It was admitted that the development of mechanisms for attracting results of scientific and technical activities into the economy is the most important task of the innovation policy of the Republic of Belarus. It has been found out that overcoming barriers to innovative development is possible to break down through the use of new forms and models of commercialization, financing and stimulation of scientific development.

Ключові слова

innovations; commercialization; models of commercialization of innovations; results of scientific and technical activity; innovative activity; scientific and educational sphere


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