Introduction. After the proclamation of independence in Ukraine, a course was launched to create a system of state governance on the principle of decentralization ("from the bottom up"). Although in the years of independence, much has been done in terms of decentralization of power, but the problems that have accumulated in this area are still far from being resolved. One of the important problems is the construction of an effective system of territorial organization of power. Its solution is particularly important in the context of the formation of capable territorial communities.

Purpose. The purpose of the article is to isolate and analyze certain measures necessary to improve the territorial basis of local self-government and executive authorities in the context of the formation of capable territorial communities.

Methods. Method of theoretical analyses is used.

Results. On the basis of publications and materials related to the decentralization reform in Ukraine, the key measures aimed at improving the territorial basis of local self-government and executive authorities in the context of the formation of capable territorial communities are identified and analyzed, namely: 1) optimization of the system of the administrative-territorial organization of the country; 2) planning of a network of capable territorial communities; 3) the formation of capable territorial communities; 4) voluntary adherence of territorial communities to already established united territorial communities (UTG), cities of oblast significance and the city of Kyiv; 5) stimulation by the state of the process of creation of UTG; 6) justification of the network of sectoral territorial units.

Originality. Based on the study of foreign experience and Ukrainian realities, the Italian version of the division of administrative-territorial units of the NUTS-2 level (on average by 5-6 units of level NUTS-3) was not supported by the lower population density, low level of motorization of rural population, off-road, etc. It is proved that for Poland the Polish variant is more acceptable in which units of the level NUTS-2 are immediately divided into units of the level LAU-1 (not less than five). It is critically an attempt to collapse the regional level of management, passing the main functions of district state administrations of UTG, because this will lead to "optimization" (due to impossibility of retention) of networks of educational, hospital and other institutions and, accordingly, will lead to further degradation of rural areas. The criteria of allocation in the UTG of the capable central and pastoral districts are proposed. The value of state aid for the formation of a capable UTG is revealed. The relevance of the allocation of sectoral territorial units in connection with medical and educational reforms (hospitals and educational districts) is shown.

Conclusion. The reform of decentralization in Ukraine objectively requires the improvement of the territorial basis of local self-government and executive authorities. This is most needed for the formation of capable territorial communities. The concrete measures that must be implemented in this regard should not adversely affect the development of rural areas and create additional difficulties for citizens in terms of access to administrative, medical, educational and other services.

Ключові слова

local self-government; executive power; reform; decentralization; administrative-territorial structure; territorial community (able, united); district (pastoral, hospital, educational)


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