The purpose of this study is to assess the structural changes in the national economy of Ukraine, the countries of the European Union, the USA and the Republic of Bilorus, which is supposed to be implemented through the use of an integrated indicator of the assessment of structural changes in the sectoral structure of GDP; in determining the weighting factors and making up the latter the principle of «golden ratio» is used. The choice of components of the integral indicator for structural changes is due to the sectoral division of GDP into industry, agriculture and services. The proposed integral indicator reflects the harmonious (ideal) GDP structure peculiar to the post-industrial economy, while deviations in the real structure indicate structural changes in the national economy of Ukraine, the European Union, the USA and the Republic of Bilorus. The article presents the results of the calculation of the integral indicator of structural changes in the sectoral structure of GDP and its structural elements. Besides, the article provides analysis of the reasons for the deviations of real indicators from the harmonious ones. The calculations show the crisis phenomena both in the Ukrainian economy and in the EU, the USA and the Republic of Belarus.

The domestic economy demonstrates significant deviations in virtually all sectors, indicating a low level of economy, a mismatch between supply and demand in the labor market, a low level of innovation, and the inertia of transformational processes within the transition to the post-industrial stage of production. The application of the proposed methodology will allow us to identify strategic directions for the development of national economy sectors and develop forecast scenarios.


three-sector model; structural changes; integral indicator; harmony; golden ratio; postindustrial economy; ideal structure; GDP structure.


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