Natalia Ryzhenko, Alina Proschalykina


Introduction. Ukraine has a number of problems with ensuring the economy and population with traditional
energy resources, especially oil and gas, imported by one country - Russia. Energy, industrial production and road
transport in the country are significant environmental pollutants due to the use of outdated technologies. In addition,
the phenomena that violate the civilized life cycle continue to develop in the world - traditional sources of energy are
exhausted, their cost of extraction increases, the environment is intensively polluted, the biosphere is destroyed, an
excessive amount of organic waste from industrial, agricultural and domestic origin is generated. Elimination of all
these problems should be carried out at an accelerated pace, therefore the necessity of development of bioenergetics in
Ukraine is unmistakable - it is an option that has a global perspective for the further successful development of
Purpose. The research aims at outline the current state of the bioenergy market in Ukraine and to substantiate
the prospects for its development.
Results. The research substantiates the concept and fundamental peculiarities of bioenergetics as an alternative
energy industry. Based on the analysis of the structure of energy production, total energy supply and energy
consumption on the basis of renewable sources in Ukraine, strategic directions for the development of the renewable
energy sector are identified. The steady development of the bioenergy market was proven, as well as a new detailed
analysis of the production of alternative energy, the forecast of alternative energy production in Ukraine was made.
The existing bioenergy potential of Ukraine is analyzed. According to the Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035, the
priorities of development in the field of bioenergy are determined.
Originality. The structure of energy production in Ukraine, the structure of general energy supply in Ukraine,
the energy consumption on the basis of renewable sources in Ukraine, and the forecast of alternative energy production
in Ukraine up to 2027 are analyzed in detail. The forecast of the development of bioenergy as a real alternative to
traditional energy is justified considering the real possibilities and perspectives of the development of Ukraine's
bioenergy potential.
Conclusion. For Ukraine, bioenergy is one of the strategic directions for the development of the renewable
energy sector, given the high dependence of the country on imported energy resources, first of all, on natural gas, and
the high potential of biomass available for energy production. Unfortunately, the pace of bioenergy development in
Ukraine still lags far behind European ones. Although in recent years there has been a significant shift in Ukraine and
bioenergy has begun ˗ what is worth only 1.8 GW of new capacities in 2017 ˗ but this is not enough to reach the
planned level, according to the Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035. But despite quite ambitious goals of the
National RE and Energy Strategy are quite realistic, given the forecast. This is evidenced by the estimates of the
Bioenergy Association of Ukraine on biomass resources available for energy use. The country has an available
biomass of over 21 million tons. e. per year with a fixed need of 11 million tons n. e. per year. But taking into account
only the potential and the availability of sufficient biomass in Ukraine is not enough, further promotion of bioenergy
development by the government and parliament is necessary, otherwise these plans will remain on paper.


power engineering, energy consumption, renewable energy sources, alternative energy, hydropower, wind energy, bioenergy, biomass, biofuels, bioenergy potential.


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