Evaluation of investment maintenance of the agricultural sector

L.M. Vasilieva



Introduction. The process of building productive capacities requires an effective investment policy. However, in the future it remains an acute problem for the investment of production development, modernization and reconstruction of agricultural enterprises.

Purpose. The aim of this study is to assess the state of the investment activities of the agricultural sector of Ukraine and defining directions of its activation.

Methods. To achieve this goal we used the method: analytical and monographic - the study of literature, legislative or other legal acts; structural and functional - for the analysis of changes in the agricultural sector in the implementation of agrarian reform; statistical and economic - the collection, processing of statistical data, studies of the dynamics of economic parameters of development of the domestic agricultural sector.

Results. It assesses the state of the investment activity of the agrarian sector of Ukraine. The basic reasons for the decline in investment activity in the agricultural economy. Considered the criteria of attractiveness and the priority sectors of Ukrainian economy.

Originality. The directions of activization of investment activity on the basis of formation of the national, sectoral, regional and other investment programs and the conditions of increase of efficiency of use of budgetary funds for investment projects.


Conclusion. Growing investment activity will be achieved by focusing on the priorities of the agricultural sector, through the development of national, sectoral, regional and other investment programs.

Ключові слова

agriculture; investmen; investment; investment program; resources



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