The mechanism of formation of the investment policy of the region to attract real investment in farms

M.A. Odnorog



Introduction. The research aimed to assess investment companies identify factors affecting the investment process in Ukraine and the development of measures to attract investments in the real economy are insufficient, especially in relation to agriculture.

Purpose. The main goal of this study is to determine the content and nature of the mechanism of formation of the investment policy of the region to attract real investment in agricultural enterprises.

Methods. We used methods of a na lysis a nd synthesis of innova tive processes in domestic a nd foreign a gricultura l production, sta tistica l, a ccounting-structura l, regula tory, a nd economic ba la nce a nd ma thema tica l study of technica l support a nd ba sic directions of development of a gricultura l production in modern terms by introducing energy sa ving technologies a griculture.

 Results. Of great importance is the detail of the subsystems in the overall development strategy of the development of events and identify the necessary resources to implement a system of content strategy. The mechanism of the investment policy of the region to attract real investment in agricultural enterprises in practice should be the implementation of a specific list of sub-projects and routines that make up the functional unity within the prescribed measures. Subprojects and routines should describe in detail the content of one specific measure proposed in the strategy development.

Originality. The first time the issue of attracting real investment in agricultural enterprises through the mechanism of formation of investment policy in the region/


Conclusion. Creating conditions to ensure high rates of export-oriented activities requires a set of interrelated activities aimed at forming an effective training system for business investment in agriculture. One of the areas in the implementation of this task could be a presidential program of management training for sectors of the economy, experts in the field of foreign trade.

Ключові слова

investment mechanism; investment policy; real investment; agricultural enterprises; investment process



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