Peculiarities of an integrated sector of sugar-beet sub-complex

N.V. Butko



Introduction. The Ukrainian sugar-beet sub-complex has been lately deformed. The sugar-beet sown area has been decreased, their zones have been diminished. Despecialization and respecialization of the farms have taken place. Raw material zones have been changed greatly. Many sugar-refineries have diminished in sugar production. All these factors became the reason of interbranch and interindustry relations, and the appearance of the integrated communities in different spheres of national economy.

Purpose. Summing up the theoretical aspects of the integrated communities in the sugar-beet sub-complex creation, and the estimation of their integrated ties effectiveness.

Results. Nowadays economic interaction of beet-undertakings and sugar-refineries are developed via strengthening the vertical integration. The production and processing of sugar-beets in Ukraine are based in the integrated communities dealing with growing roots and producing sugar. Agricultural, industrial, transportation companies, as well as additional and servicing productions are included into such communities. Such integrated structures provide wasteless usage and production processing, effective use of the resource potential, and the rise of the production effectiveness. In Ukrainian sugar-beet sphere recently integrated companies in 2014 beet season produced 76,6 % sugar out of the total production. At present only 7 regions of Ukraine can be called beet ones. Among them the important place is taken by Cherkassy region where the beet production exists only in an integration form. The center of the integrated sugar-beet Cherkassy sub-complex is LLC «Panda». Its goal is to provide stable development of the sugar-beet production and sugar making via the connection of ties and interests of all production participants. At «Panda»’s plants the great attention is paid to reconstruction and modernization. As the result such sugar-refineries have the lowest fuel consumption and high quality of the products.


Conclusion. The development of integration processes influences positively the undertaking productive activities, allows making their internal and external ties better, applies modern innovations into all spheres of agriculture, and provides the effectiveness of sugar-beet production.

Ключові слова

integration; concentration; integrated forming; raw zone; refineries; integration links; sugar beets; sugar



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