Modulation of economic security system

O.M. Shikova


Introduction. In modern conditions of political and economic crisis in the country to guarantee the safety system of economic entities requires new scientific approaches and tools. One of these tools can be a simulation. Today, not many domestic and foreign scientists working on this problem. One reason for this is the fact that the very system of economic security is a complex dynamic system, its condition affects many internal and external factors. The need to predict the level of risk and threats complicate the task. However, modern methods of simulation can solve such complex problems.

Purpose. The purpose and objectives of the article is to study the possibility of using and adapting different types of models that have been successfully applied in various fields, to build an effective model of economic security.

Methods. Generalization, ordering, causal method, expert method.

Results. Effective functioning of a system of economic security is a vital issue for any company. The possibility of adaptation of well-known and well-functioning models from other spheres to development of the effective model of economic security of a company is examined in the paper. The advantages and disadvantages of these models are analyzed.

Originality. V-model proposed building a system of economic security. As each model V-model has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of the model experts call the possibility of achieving high quality results. The advantage of this model is also the possibility of precise planning under conditions of limited resources, especially financial. As the practice of the V-model, it will be particularly effective for those companies that are just starting to create its system of economic security and should do so in clearly defined terms.

The more the company, the harder it will be the model, the more contingencies may arise during its implementation. Therefore, this type of model is best suited for small businesses.

Conclusion. Building an effective model of economic security is a challenge. Any model is not universal and may not provide an accurate prediction of the system under the influence of external and internal factors. However, the adaptation of V-model for modeling of economic security makes it possible to build efficient system and achieve their maximum results clearly planning the necessary time and resources.

Ключові слова

system of economic security; modeling of systems of economic security; V-model


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