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Introduction. Food security is an integral component of the hierarchical division of "food safety of a person – region – country – world", which in turn forms national security. The issues of food security at any level requires comprehensive theoretical and methodological analysis, because there is no clear system of definitions, methods and models that would be generally accepted. The absence of a common approach to the study of food safety demonstrated by scientific controversy regarding the principles of its provision — globalization or sustainability (food autarchy). The need to develop an effective model of food security ensuring is confirmed not only by the needs of economic theory, but also by the demands of reality.

The aim is to study the concept of self-sufficient development of society and analysis of food security of Ukraine in the context of socio-economic and political self-sufficiency of the country.

Methods. Monographic method, theoretical generalization, systematization, synthesis and analysis are used to determine the main approaches to substantiating the model of food security of the country.

Results. The nature of autarchy in the context of existing research is revealed. The scientific approaches to autarchy as a kind of policy, peculiarities of their usage in theoretical researches and economic practice are shown. The integration model of food security ensuring is offered on the principles of autarchy — self-sufficiency of the country and self-sufficiency of a person.

Originality. An author's approach to the definition of autarchy was formed. Autarchy is a level of ensuring the national sovereignty of the country by the optimal ratio of domestic production, consumption and external exchanges — economic, informational, cultural and civilizational, resource, political, military, humanitarian based on the principle of independence as a basis for the security of the country. Food autarchy is the subordination of the principles of foreign trade to the principles of the priority of a domestic producer and human-centeredness, which is based on human safety.

Conclusion. As a result of systematized approaches to the definition of autarchy as a self-sufficiency, the model of food security of Ukraine is proposed. This model contributes to solving socio-economic (growth of efficiency of the agricultural sector, sustainable development of rural areas, unemployment), demographic (prolonging of life expectancy, public health improving), environmental (organic production, reduction of harmful emissions to the environment) and energy (energy-saving technologies, increased usage of renewable energy) issues.

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