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Introduction. Ukraine needs specific reforms to keep European integration targets and to achieve European employment standards. The scientific basis for their implementation with a non-standard look at the state of affairs may be a marketing approach that details the directions of problem solving in specific segment groups. Therefore, this study focuses on the formation of methodological bases for the analysis of the labor market in terms of marketing concept, which allows you to identify problem segments and formulate specific recommendations for them.

Purpose. The aim of this publication is to substantiate the relevance of the application of the marketing approach in labor market research, including the identification of the main issues and problems in the context of the marketing mix.

Results. The difference of the labor market from the traditional market in the orientation to meet the needs of the consumer is investigated to provide the following components of the marketing concept of the labor market: market research of the labor market; segmentation of the labor market (self-regulatory processes and target impacts); Marketing policy in the context of the components of the marketing complex. The objects of market research of the labor market are found such as: the market itself and its segmental structure; labor market marketing complex; factors of the formation and development of the labor market - in the first place, demographic, educational, economic; system of labor market links. The priorities of marketing research are differentiated, which may be different. The segmentation of the labor market, which can be interpreted using the method of modeling and constructing various types of theoretical models, is investigated. The components of the marketing policy of the labor market, the marketing complex in the labor market research, as the basis for the formation of the marketing policy of its development, are considered.

Originality. 1) the difference of the labor market from the traditional market in the orientation towards satisfaction of the needs of the consumer was revealed. 2) the objects of marketing research of the labor market are described. 3) The factors of marketing influence on the labor market situation are systematized.

Conclusion. The conducted research made it possible to specify the specifics of the marketing approach in the research of the labor market. The methodological basis of this approach is the marketing concept of the labor market, which embraces market research, market segmentation and marketing policy in the context of the components of the marketing mix. For each component of such a complex key indicators are defined: commodity component - competitiveness, labor potential, human capital, labor productivity; distributive - employment structure (territorial, branch, educational and qualification); price - the minimum and average wages, the social package of the employer; promotional - the load on vacancies, migratory load. Thus, it is proved that the marketing approach to the analysis of the country's labor market is rather developed, but its application is important, since it allows and further identifies specific problems in individual market segments.

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