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Stanislava PASIEKA
Valentyna DEMKO


Introduction. The condition and development of rural green tourism in Zaporizhzhya region as a rational measure of diversification of entrepreneurial activity in rural areas as well as introduction of an alternative type of employment of rural population have been considered in the article. The basic conditions and factors for its im-provement are given.

Purpose. To identify the potential opportunities for the development of rural green tourism in the south of Zaporizhzhia oblast and assess the main economic benefits of its activities for rural areas.

Methods. Methods of theoretical anylizes and SWOT analysis are used.

Results. The article examines the state and development of rural green tourism in Zaporizhzhia oblast as a rational measure of diversification of entrepreneurial activity of rural areas and the introduction of an alternative type of employment of rural population. The basic conditions and factors for its improvement are given.

Originality. The feasibility of developing rural green tourism in Zaporizhzhya oblast proves a SWOT analysis, which allows to objectively analyze and assess the benefits of this type of tourism and propose effective actions to prevent possible problems. Consideration of the strong aspects enables us to identify the potential of the region and develop an effective strategy for its development.

Conclusion. Rural green tourism is not so much profitable and commercial activity as a socio-economic phenomenon, which gives a chance to revive the rural economy, to pre-serve its traditional values and rural communities. In most countries, it is consid-ered as an integral part of the program of integrated socio-economic development of the village, since it allows to solving the problems of unemployment, replen-ishing the local budget, marketing agricultural products, infrastructure develop-ment, etc. The development of rural green tourism in the Zaporizhzhya region has  own specificity, due to the complex influence of various factors - recreational, historical, geographical, ethnographic, cultural, economic, social and others, and it has enormous preconditions for further development. It, in its turn will be promoting the development of rural territories of the region and tourism sector in Ukraine.

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