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Introduction. At present, there is a need to develop and expand logistics centers in Ukraine. This facilitates the integration of Ukraine into the European Union in connection with the increase in foreign trade operations, which will increase the national economy and help attract foreign investment.

Purpose. The purpose of the article is to study the actual problem of creation and development of logistics centers of Ukraine, which contributes to increase the transit attractiveness of the country in international markets.

Methods. The following methods were used to solve the problem: theoretical generalization - to clarify the scientific concepts of logistics; method of systematization; graphic method.

Results. The basic comparative characteristics of modern logistic centers of different countries are determined and peculiarities of national logistic centers are distinguished. The main obstacles in creation and development of modern logistics centers and logistics in general are analyzed.

Creation and development of logistics centers in Ukraine is a favorable base for Ukraine's integration into the European Union, as it inevitably leads to an increase in the volume of foreign trade transactions, due to improved system of cargo passage, their registration and processing, which will lead to increase of the national economy and will promote attraction of foreign investments .

Originality. The further development of approaches to identifying significant transit potential of Ukraine, argue the need for the creation of logistics centers, which will reduce the logistics costs of enterprises in their foreign economic activity. It is proposed to create new rational approaches to the development of logistics centers of Ukraine taking into account international experience.

Conclusion. Existing obstacles to the creation and development of modern Ukrainian logistics centers and logistics as a whole are connected with the imperfection of the legislation, the incorrect interpretation of the essence of the concept of "logistics center" and the discrepancy of national logistics real estate with modern international standards hinder their transformation to the European level, which reduces the volume of foreign economic trade operations, which negatively affects the development of the national economy.

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