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Introduction. The business environment in all its forms is an integral part of the regional economy. Laws and laws of the development of the business environment of the region simultaneously form the general prospects of economic and social systems, within the framework of their direct influence. The study of this topic, its scientifically grounded vision, the solution of problems of development is of scientific interest and requires further research in the theoretical and methodological, practical aspects. In Ukraine, these studies are not complex and synthetic, they do not emphasize the presence of complex processes of simultaneous accumulation of formal and informal knowledge of economic development, changes in the social sphere, the latest formats of the business environment.

Purpose. The urgency of the scientific direction, insufficient study of the manifestations of the development of the business environment in the domestic literature determined the choice of the topic of research, led to the goal setting - to study the need for generalization of knowledge of regional management in the process of studying the business environment as a trigger for the development of the region

Methods. Theoretical analysis, generalization, graphic method.

Results. In the world of scientific theory and methodology, there is a sufficient number of research, development and publications devoted to the business environment, questions of its system assessment, methods and technologies of regulation. In Ukraine, the study of business environment development, its assessment and appropriate regulation at the regional, industry, and country level is not comprehensive and synthetic, and therefore a number of issues remain open. The areas of uncertainty include: the development and implementation of a national model of the economy and the corresponding parameters of the business environment; outline of the regional business environment with approximate parameters and common characteristics of development, assessment of the potential of the business environment of the regions; economic and social interests of the development of the business environment of the regions of Ukraine. The problem of non-formalization, insufficiency, asymmetry of knowledge is considered. Perspective directions of business environment research at the level of regions and regional management are outlined: assessment of interests of regional agents of the business environment; detecting triggers for the development of the business environment; development of an effective prototype of the business environment of the region, which will enable to simulate the business environment of the region, territory and, accordingly, using interconnections, to optimize its condition; development of a method, within which it is possible to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the business environment.

Originality. The article outlines economic interests that are the driving force behind the development of the business environment and the creation of the latest trends in the functioning of the regions, the role and place of the business environment in the system of harmonization of economic and social interests are considered.

Conclusion. Introduction of mechanisms and regulatory instruments that take into account regional peculiarities of the business environment; studying and evaluating the experience of operating and regulating the development of the business environment of other countries and regions from the standpoint of the possibility of transferring such experience to the soil of the regions of Ukraine; regulation of the development of the business environment of regions in the context of processes of formation of information, innovation economy, clusterization processes - perpetual tasks of regional management.

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