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Stanislava PASIEKA


Introduction. The war threats had a significant impact on entrepreneurship and the labor market of Ukraine. In the current situation, the preservation of the functionality of the labor market as the main indicator of entrepreneurial activity, a factor in ensuring well-being and reducing migration losses of the population is of particular importance. The basis of management decisions to support the labor market should be an understanding of the main challenges, opportunities and perspectives of its development.

Purpose. The purpose of the article is to study the peculiarities of the development of the labor market of Ukraine in the pre-war period and in the conditions of the Russian-Ukrainian War, to identify positive and negative trends and to highlight the possibilities and perspectives of the organization of social and labor relations on the way to post-war recovery.

Results. The main negative and positive trends in the development of the labor market of Ukraine during the years of independence are summarized. New challenges to its development due to the COVID-2019 pandemic are indicated. The main stages of the Russian-Ukrainian War of 2022 are highlighted and the main signs of labor market reactions to security threats are indicated. The main decisions in the implementation of state policy in the field of employment during the war are described. The regional trends of employment and unemployment of the population are analyzed. The challenges and opportunities for the labor market of Ukraine in the conditions of martial law, as well as the perspectives for its development on the path of post-war recovery, are highlighted.

Originality. The priority of the regional approach to state support of the labor market is substantiated, taking into account the security status of the region. In this regard, it is proposed to divide the regions into regions of active hostilities, liberated regions, regions with increased danger due to the Belarusian border, regions with active missile attacks, relatively safe regions.

An agreed generalization of the challenges, opportunities and perspectives for the development of the labor market of Ukraine is carried out. Conditions of uncertainty and instability can be considered as a period of idleness and can be studied through the lens of opportunities for adaptation and prospective development. The European integration priority of the development of Ukraine allows the introduction of progressive practices of human capital development and the organization of social and labor relations in the mobile space.

Conclusion. Ukraine's labor market is a sensitive indicator of macroeconomic and political stability. Analysis of employment and unemployment indicators of the population by regions of Ukraine indicates that the entire labor market is currently in a chaotic, adaptive and sometimes inert state. The war put the sphere of social and labor relations in shock conditions. At the same time, in the Recovery Plan of Ukraine, the goals of human capital development are placed in leading positions. The human potential of the population of Ukraine remains high and, despite significant migration losses, requires maximum involvement on the way to superiority. Therefore, the realities force the formation of a military economy in Ukraine, which causes the transformation of the professional structure of the population, creates demand for new professions and establishes the high social value of military service. State support of the labor market of Ukraine should be systematic and based on an understanding of challenges, opportunities and perspectives for substantiating the priorities of regulating the sphere of social and labor relations. The further development of the labor market may undergo both a critical decline and stabilization, in which the effectiveness of the use of international aid and the political will of the authorities to implement the expected reforms will play a significant role.

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