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Introduction. In today's environment, staff engagement is a hot topic due to its important role in ensuring companies' competitiveness, innovation and strategic development. Attracting highly skilled executives and experts is critical to the success of companies in today's business environment. Headhunting enables companies to attract talented employees and compete in the labor market. It is becoming an important part of a company's HR strategy. The involvement of management personnel and key specialists through headhunting affects the strategic development of organizations.

Purpose. The purpose of the study is to reveal the essence of headhunting, analyze current trends in its development, what benefits and challenges it can present for businesses and professionals, and justify the opportunities and prospects for using headhunting.

Results. The article is devoted to the study of the role of headhunting in modern recruiting and HR strategies. The article discusses the key aspects of headhunting methodology, including candidate selection, suitability analysis, and assessment of potential for the company. The study also analyzes the practical application of headhunting in leading companies, as well as the impact of headhunting on the structure of the organization and its strategic development. The article emphasizes the importance of a strategic approach to this process and continuous improvement of recruiting methods to achieve competitive advantages in the labor market.

Originality. The article defines the concept of «headhunting», analyzes current trends in its development, formulates the advantages and challenges of headhunting, and substantiates the possibilities and prospects of using headhunting.

Conclusion. Headhunting is an important tool for businesses in today's labor market. It is sure to find and attract the best candidates, contributing to the rapid development of business and competitiveness of companies. Understanding headhunting strategies and techniques can be useful for business leaders and HR managers who want to optimize their hiring process and ensure the sustainability of their organization in the marketplace. It is important to understand that headhunting is not limited to a simple search for candidates, but includes a comprehensive analysis, study of client needs and effective interaction with competitive candidates, and will help the company find and retain valuable employees. In the future, with increasingly competitive labor markets and rapid changes in technology and business environments, headhunting will remain a key tool to support the successful development of enterprises. The growing need for talented personnel creates the need to improve headhunting strategies and methods, as well as to study the best practical tools and approaches.

Thus, headhunting not only supports the company in finding highly qualified personnel, but is also an integral part of the modern labor market and a factor in achieving success in a globally competitive environment.

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