Тетяна Анатоліївна Федотова, Дмитро Масич, Таісія Шепель


Introduction. There is a set of common factors that affect productivity in the workplace, but there is one important factor that is often overlooked by most employers around the world: lighting. We know that reading in the dark can damage vision, but the lighting of office space goes far beyond that, and the choice of the employer lighting features can have a significant impact on the performance of the company.

Improving working conditions is closely linked with improving employee productivity. Studies have shown that increasing employee productivity by 3% can be obtained through better illumination of the working space. Often gain in productivity enough to offset the cost of the projects to modernize the lighting is less than a year. Better lighting leads to increased efficiency of the group increases the satisfaction of employees and production.

Purpose. The article is to identify the magnitude of the effect of lighting in the operating room productivity of workers.

Methods. In the process for General knowledge of the object of research we used the methodology of system analysis, which allowed to unite the progressive developments of classical and contemporary researchers in the questions of performance and working conditions with the peculiarities of their regulation at the present stage. The totality of the used methodological framework has allowed to provide the ultimate accuracy and validity of the findings and practical solutions.

Results. Disclosed of the effect of lighting on productivity in the workplace. The peculiarities of proper lighting in the workplace. The dependence between the quality of work, health and proper light in work areas. It is proved that there is a direct correlation between the lighting of workplaces and health, high productivity, comfortable emotional and psychological state of a person.

Originality. According to the materials of practice proved that the improvement of working conditions is closely linked to improving productivity of employees. It is determined that the performance increase is achieved through better lighting of the working space.

Conclusion. Thus, it is clear that improper lighting represents a significant threat to the health of workers. Proper organization of lighting in the workplace – the key to health, high productivity, comfort the emotional and psychological state of man. Despite the fact that the picture of the modern workplace will be guaranteed to change over time, the need to maximize productivity and efficiency of the constants is true regardless of the prevailing fashion trends.

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working conditions; lighting; illumination level; labor efficiency; labor productivity; worker health; workplace.


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