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Introductoin. Development strategy of domestic tourism is non-existent at the national level. Therefore, it is necessary to developed it.

Purpose. Studying the possibility of applying the methods of project management in the development of strategy and its implementation

Results. Current economic conditions require finding reserves to increase the efficiency of individual sectors of the national economy, regions and states. Tourism needs a particular note, because it is one of the most promising, dynamic and profitable sectors of the world economy.

The variety of tourism projects is extremely high in the real world. They may differ in composition, in subject area, scope, duration, composition of participants, the degree of difficulty, results, etc. The feasibility of applying methods of project management in the strategy of development of internal tourism in Ukraine is determined.

To assess projects of internal tourismі development in Ukraine were analyzed investment projects in the tourism sector in 11 recreation areas. The analysis of investment projects was carried out by such criterion as "the most expensive project in terms of regions of Ukraine", "the cheapest project in terms of regions of Ukraine", "the most interesting projects in regions of Ukraine", "the separation of investment projects in terms of tourism regions of Ukraine by type of tourism".

Based on the methods of project management the proposed strategy for the development of domestic tourism be viewed as a set of projects of a different order that is logical and consistent to build components of a single megaproject for the development of domestic tourism in Ukraine. Presented the strategy at the level of Ukraine is a logical sequence monoprojects in different regions of Ukraine, which as a whole and provide a strategy for the development of domestic tourism.

Gantt chart is one of the tools of project management. It allows you to determine the point of monitoring the implementation of the project and to visually monitor a few projects.

The strategy of domestic tourism should develop in each region of Ukraine. It should be in the form of a megaproject from the system monoprojects. You also need to make a Gantt chart, which will control the representatives of administrations of regions.

Originality. For the first time the methods of project management are applied to the development strategy of domestic tourism in Ukraine.

Conclusions. The successful development of domestic tourism is impossible without a well developed strategy. Theoretical research project management methods lead to the conclusion on the feasibility of their use in the study and development strategy of domestic tourism. The theoretical studies of the techniques of project management allow us to conclude about the feasibility of their use in the justification and implementation of the strategy of development of internal tourism.

The opportunity and expediency of application of methods of project management are illustrated by means of Gantt chart for implementation of the strategy of tourism development. Gantt charts built for use at different management levels in tourism to Ukraine and a separate area (on the example Vinnytsia region).

In the near future attention requires consideration of the risk management techniques in the implementation of the development strategy of domestic tourism, because the tourism sector is subject to a large number of external factors.

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tourism; project management; investment; project schedule Gantt; region development; the payback period; cost.


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