Oleg Hordunovskyy


Introduction. Formation of an effective system of employee’s motivation of any ownership enterprises has always been and remains one of the most urgent tasks of management. The shift in motivation level of primary, basic needs is a significant problem for the economy of Ukraine, as the causes of low productivity and social tension in society because of deteriorating conditions.

Purpose. The research aim is theoretical and methodological study motivation improvement trends in domestic enterprises.

Results. The system of motivational factors of employees in the Ukraine is investigated. The reasons imperfections motivation system for domestic enterprises is analysed. It is proved that an effective motivation system is possible if the combination of effective personnel policies, establishing relationships in the group and use social and psychological aspects of management. The ways of improving the motivation of workers in the Ukraine are fined.

Originality. Scientific novelty of the results is to improve the approaches to the structuring of complex factors of motivation in the context of allocation of such components motivational sphere of employees as internal and external factors of motivation to work, that when combined provides the formation of the most stable and sustained motivation; outlines ways to improve state regulation and contractual wages, the development of social partnership, social protection and monitoring the state of employee motivation.

Conclusion. In a market economy is more urgent formation of the system of motivation, to facilitate balanced development of both basic and material needs of the individual and spiritual, higher social needs on the basis of social partnership. On the domestic enterprises need to transition to a new type of management - motivational value, which focuses not only on the material needs of the people as their values, using a wide range of non-economic forms of influence on consciousness, psychology, career and professional behavior.

Ключові слова

labor motivation; personnel policy; need; HR; evaluation of labor; productivity; value-motivational approach; social partnership.


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