Alina Proschalykina, Oksana Dudnik


Introduction. Strategic goals transformations in agriculture Ukraine aimed at resolving the triune task: to create sustainable agricultural production and social development of rural areas, greening production. Solving such problems is possible only under conditions of the various forms that will cooperate and support each other.

Purpose is to study proposals for the development of small forms of entrepreneurship in agriculture Ukraine..

Methods. In the course of the study were used: analysis and synthesis, dialectic method.

Results. The conceptual foundations intensify agricultural business in the form of small entities that will improve their social role and competitiveness through the development of various forms of integration (cooperation, clustering), public-private and social partnership, the use of government support mechanisms, including the introduction of alternative sources of funding. The legal, organizational and economic conditions of transformation of individual farms into family farms are defined.

Originality. Proposals to improve the efficiency of participation of small businesses agricultural production in the formation and implementation of sectoral policy and program documents of socio-economic development on the basis of public-private partnership

Conclusion. The basic directions of intensification activity of small forms of entrepreneurship, including: improving regulatory support mechanisms and regulatory activities, resource support, improved funding and increased financial stability of small businesses, increase their marketability, information, social development trend of small forms of management, strengthen the environmental component in their activities.


small forms of entrepreneurship; agriculture; farming; clusters; cooperation; public-private partnership; government support


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