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Introduction. Today there is an active integration of Ukraine into the world economy.  Integration into the EU is a strategic priority for the government of our country.  The integration process is gradual.  Now it has a free trade area EU-Ukraine introduces visa-free regime between our country and the European Union.  Therefore, research on labor migration from Ukraine to the European Union and the assessment of its consequences is very important in modern conditions of development of integration processes.

Purpose. The research aims to analyze the socio-economic causes of labor migration from Ukraine to the European Union and the assessment of possible both positive and negative consequences of emigration from Ukraine.

Results.  Due to the low level of wages and lack of social protection, domestic migrant workers are forced to seek better conditions for the fulfillment and satisfaction of their families abroad.  As a result, Ukraine has become a donor of labor in Europe. The main directions of migration is the European Union and Russia. According to a survey of 2016 EU working or looking for work 51% of migrant workers. The flows of migrant workers are mainly directed to Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Germany. Almost 60% of immigrants from Ukraine are people under 30, 17% -31-40 years, the gender distribution of Ukrainian migrants: 65% - men, 35% - women. The structure and direction of migration Ukraine will continue to change and quite an important factor that will affect it that Ukrainian will go to the European Union and the Schengen area without a visa.

Originality. The analysis of socio-economic factors contributing to labor migration from Ukraine to the European Union, which is different from the previous ones, was carried out taking into account the difficult political and economic situation in Ukraine (such as political instability in Ukraine Association Agreement Ukraine and EU  EU and complex political relations with Russia), which helped to identify the most significant factor in the migration of labor from Ukraine - low wages, political situation and simplified I visa. Fully researched the effects of labor migration from Ukraine for migrant workers and for society (state) as a whole.

Conclusion. Labor migration from Ukraine to the European Union is of great socio-economic importance for our country. The main factors influencing the level of Ukrainian migration abroad in terms of European integration in today's political and economic situation is demographics, unemployment, wages, migration policy and the political situation in Ukraine and the world. Now you must decide urgent task to develop methodological and practical ways to ensure the Ukrainian migrants to get a decent wage, to create normal living conditions, provide social guarantees to create favorable conditions for business to a potential migrants did not need to look for low-skilled jobs or work with high injury abroad.

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labor migration; migration; migration policy; immigration; emigration; integration; European Union; impacts on migration; employment; unemployment; positive and negative effects of migration;


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