Introduction. The article substantiates the relevance of the research of human capital of the enterprise; the scientific works of scientists on the questions of the formation and use of human capital at the present stage of socio-economic development are analyzed, the main reasons for the interest in the evaluation of the formation and use of human capital are highlighted, and the fundamental principles of definition of human capital are introduced. It is determined that human capital, and not material means of production, is a determining factor of competitiveness, economic growth, efficiency of enterprise activity and its economic security.

Purpose. The development of a system of indicators for assessing the human capital of an enterprise should be carried out in accordance with the generally accepted notion of "system", which is a set of interrelated elements that are comparable in the methodology of formation and measurement.

Methods. The method of the integrated assessment of human capital as a means of economic security of a company using a system of indicators is used.

Results. The research is based on the use of the basic provisions of the system approach.

Originality. The proposed method includes the following: at the first stage, the formation of the initial input parameters; The second level involves the formation of a plurality of evaluation parameters of the efficiency of the formation and use of human capital of the enterprise on the basis of the set of initial input parameters; at the third and subsequent intermediate levels there is the formation of complex generalized indicators for assessing the effectiveness of the formation and use of human capital of the enterprise; the highest level identifies the solution that determines the effectiveness of the formation and use of human capital of the enterprise as a means of economic security of the enterprise

Conclusion. In the process of work for solving a comprehensive assessment of human capital, general scientific and special methods of research of processes and phenomena in their interconnection and development are used, namely: dialectic, analysis and synthesis, logical generalization of results, correlation and factor analysis.

Ключові слова

economic security; human capital; system of indicators; complexity; complex estimation; mathematical model; base of sets; interrelation of processes and phenomena


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