Daryna Honta, Alina Proschalykina


Introduction. The unemployment rate is one of the key indicators of economic development and public welfare of the population of each country. This phenomenon affects practically all aspects of the economic life of society. In particular, the negative impact of unemployment on economic reproduction, the standard of living of the country's population, as well as on the volume of tax revenues to the state budget and on the size of the tax burden for the working population, etc. Currently, the main feature of unemployment in Ukraine is an imbalance between demand and supply of labor. The imbalance of the labor market is largely due to the lack of systematic interaction between stakeholders - government bodies, vocational education, employers and employees. Common for the domestic labor market is the lack of analysis and forecasting at the state level of the number and qualifications of employees in the economy, the lack of a flexible system of qualification, and the weak link between educational institutions and potential employers for their graduates.

Purpose. The purpose of the study is to reveal the contradictory effects of unemployment on the reproduction process in Ukraine.

Results. The causes of unemployment in Ukraine are revealed. The dynamics and influence of unemployment on the reproduction process in Ukraine are analyzed. The effect of unemployment on the level of GDP is determined. The main negative consequences are the incomplete use of the country's resource potential and underproduction of GDP, a decrease in the standard of living of the population and the gradual loss of the country's labor potential. The features of the relationship between inflation and unemployment in Ukraine are revealed. The effects of unemployment on the reproduction process are determined. The necessity of using an active employment policy has been substantiated, which will allow to reduce the expenses for the payment of material assistance to the unemployed and direct the funds released to increase their qualification, which will allow to raise the level of labor productivity in Ukraine.

Originality. Economic losses from unemployment in Ukraine and the relationship between inflation and unemployment are revealed. It is proved that unemployment causes a number of consequences of economic, political and socio-psychological nature.

Conclusion. An important problem in terms of employment and the reproduction of the workforce is the improvement of unemployment management effectiveness, the coordination of the retraining system with the needs of the labor market, the development of self-employment, the reform of the system of material support for the unemployed, the development of a system of social work, improving the safety of working conditions.


unemployment; playback; Gross Domestic Product; inflation; frictional unemployment; cyclical unemployment; employment; economic growth


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